St. John's quiet side.

coral bay saint john virgin islands overlook

While Coral Bay, St. John, may not be the most remote place in the United States, it may well be the most laid back.  The original main port of St. John is today, a sleepy little place where goats, chickens and donkeys roam free and no one is in a hurry.  For the traveler looking for relaxation, Coral Bay can't be beat.

Years ago, an AP reporter wrote the following about Coral Bay:
CORAL BAY, U.S. Virgin Islands -- You can't travel much farther east and remain on U.S. soil. There are no ATMs, post offices, stop signs or curbside garbage pickups.   The police rarely pass through.  For the community of mainland Americans who have dropped out here on the island of St. John since the 1960s -- and their occasional visitors -- it's a life of sultry climes, misty views of the lush British Virgin Islands, rum cocktails and very little longing for the pressure-packed world left behind.

Vogue Just gave Coral Bay a nice write up saying, in part:
Instead of St. Barth’s, try St. John
St. Barth’s has long been the It destination for East Coasters in the winter because of its relatively close proximity and posh hotels. If you aren’t looking to see and be seen while on vacation this time around, but still want stunning beaches and sunshine, try St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands (a short ferry ride from the main airport on St. Thomas) this year. We suggest spending plenty of time in Coral Bay on the eastern side of the island, which is more laid-back and less commercial. A few days here and you’ll forget what snow even feels like. Well, almost . . .
The full article can be seen here.

Progress seems to reach every corner of the world and today, things are a bit different in Coral bay.  There are a couple ATM's now and a small shopping center with a market, restaurant, and some shops has appeared on the South side of the bay.The Marketplace, called Coccoloba Plaza contains the restaurant, Aqua Bistro, several gift shops, a grocery store called Dolphin Market, and a place to rent snorkel gear and other watersports stuff called Crabby's Watersports.  There is a bit more activity then there was a decade ago but Coral Bay is still the quietest piece of American paradise you'll find without having to own a boat.
Speaking of boats, Coral Bay is also a floating trailer park of sorts.  Many Coral Bay residents actually reside on their boats using dinghies to come ashore to work and shop.  The docks behind Skinny Legs Bar and Grill serve as sort of a combination boat yard and dinghy parking lot.

Skinny Legs restaurant sign dock behind skinny legs boats in Coral Bay

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