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Driving on St. John USVI is a bit different than in most of the rest of the world. First of all, there is not a single traffic light on the entire island.  Secondly, one must remember to think left.  On St. John, driving is done on the left side of the street, this requires a bit of a change in the thinking habits of people who visit from the States and other places where driving on the right is the norm.  Finally, one must always, always, keep an eye out for critters.  Donkeys, goats, chickens, iguanas, dogs, cats, horses, pigs and other animals roam the island quite freely, so it is very important to drive slow, drive sober and always wear your seat belt.  The VI has a seat belt law, and it is strictly enforced.
Remember -

Think Left!

All of this having been said, having transportation while visiting St. John can really open up some exploration opportunities.  Jeeps are available for rent on the island and it is much smarter to get one on St. John versus picking one up at the airport on St. Thomas.  The traffic on St. Thomas is insane and you must cross the island to get to the car ferry.  If you are needing to rent a Jeep on St. John, try St. John Car Rental at (340) 776-6103.  They have been renting vehicles on St. John for about 40 years, so they have it down pretty good.

Suzuki Sidekick from St. John Car Rental
A Suzuki Sidekick from St. John Car Rentals
These were once very popular on St. John, these days Jeeps rule St. John

Jeep Wrangler from St. John Car Rental

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