Dining in paradise

St. John USVI is blessed with many restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.  The island has dozens of restaurants with offerings from sandwiches and fries to local cuisine, Mexican food, Chinese food, bar-b-q, continental cuisine and of course, seafood.  Virtually every restaurant has a bar and every bar has a grill.  
St. John has always had good food but in recent years the scene has changed some as the "foodie" movement has caught on. may of the restaurants on St. John are now serving food on par with some of the nicest restaurants stateside though prices tend to be a bit higher due to transportation costs.

Landing Shrimp at Cruz Bay Landing Crab dip at the Beach Bar The pit at the Cowboy Lounge Painkiller at the Beach Bar Seared Tuna app at the Beach Bar, Cruz Bay, St. John

One way to gauge the popularity of restaurants in a particular place is to ask those who have been there to name a couple of places they remember. When people who have visited Cruz Bay, St. John are asked to name a couple favorites, one name seems to pop up more than any other.  The Fish Trap.   The Fish Trap offers the freshest fish, seafood, and much more at surprisingly reasonable prices.

In Cruz Bay, one of the favorites of locals and visitors in the know is Ronnie's Pizza.  Ronnie does traditional pizza plus a whole lot more and is one of the cheapest places in town to get some grub.

Ronnie's Pizza sign Ronnie's Pizza register

While on the island, one should be sure to seek out some of the local fare.  An island favorite is the Pate', a sweet bread filled with a variety of fillings including fish, lobster, beef, chicken and of course, conch.  Cuisine in the Virgin Islands is an interesting blend of cultures thanks to the history of the islands.  Influences from the Americas, Europe, Africa, India and China all come together in Caribbean Cuisine and St. John is a great place to taste all these influences.

Miss Lucy's Restaurant
Miss Lucy's offers dishes such as roasted pig or freshly caught wahoo, served with pigeon peas and rice, sweet potato stuffing, okra, fungi, and plantains.
If you happen to be on St. John on the night of the full moon, Miss Lucy's is a must!  (340) 693-5244
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YELP Reviews for many of St. John's Restaurants

De' Coal Pot
125 Reviews
great food bruh, always satisfied and dont forgetvto try thier rotie as that's my favorite!!+1-340-714-2625
The Longboard
121 Reviews
4.5 rounded up to 5 for the great service. Chill vibe, great bartender, great drinks, and solid food. Coming from NYC I was blown away by the happy hour...+1-340-715-2210
Cruz Bay Landing
93 Reviews
Cruz Bay Landing is probably the best place to get reasonable prices for delicious seafood in Cruz Bay. My husband and I stopped here for lunch and shared...+1-340-776-6908
Extra Virgin Bistro
53 Reviews
We loved Extra Virgin! Our GPS sent us the wrong way so I called the restaurant and the hostess stayed on the phone with me and stood outside of the...+1-340-715-1864
The Beach Bar
108 Reviews
This place has good food but the atmosphere and the nightly band is the best. Let's talk about the's right on the beach. Drink prices are...+1-340-777-4220
La Tapa
81 Reviews
I would endeavor to write a witty and clever review but it's all been said by other reviewers (the meat, ahem, of the review anyway) I will keep this...+1-340-693-7755
ZoZo's Ristorante
81 Reviews
Wow, this is a beautiful venue. Absolutely idyllic scenery and unparalleled. The view is breathtaking. We had 5:30 reservations which was perfect to enjoy...+1-340-693-9200
Morgan's Mango
129 Reviews
A chill spot near mongoose junction. Come for the lobster nights on Tuesdays and Saturdays! The lobster dinner comes with a glass of white wine. The...+1-340-693-8141
The Tap Room
62 Reviews
Easily the best establishment in St. John's. Best vibes, best staff, and this is going to be important: best prices. Rumor has it this is the only place...+1-340-715-7775
The Terrace
37 Reviews
We ate here twice during our stay in January. First night I ordered the yellowfin niscoise salad. It was so good and fresh. Instead of hard boiled...+1-340-779-8550
Indigo Grill
23 Reviews
5 stars because we were very pleasantly surprised by the food, the flavors, the ambience. Discovered on our last night - would have eaten here twice. Better...+1-340-776-4433
88 Reviews
The perfect view for an evening meal inside of a home turned restaurant on the cliff of Cruz Bay along with the sound and scent of gushing waves. After...+1-340-779-4747
Sun Dog Cafe
85 Reviews
We are still sitting at our table and I'm compelled to write this review...... we both decided on the mahi mahi soft tacos. Three soft tacos with sides of...+1-340-693-8340
Woody's Seafood Saloon
91 Reviews
Great island place. Divey...but not the same as the states. This place is a must. Cheap (island wise) bar food. Country music always and cheap drinks. No...+1-340-779-4625
Sogo's Restaurant
27 Reviews
I was here with my Girlfriend back in August, it was empty everytime we went, and we were so perplexed as to why! Now we're not that experienced with...+1-340-779-4404
Lime Inn
77 Reviews
Fresh local seafood, great ambiance and very service oriented owners and staff! The restaurant came recommended by a Belgium chef we met at the brewery...+1-340-776-6425
Knox and Ollie's
18 Reviews
The New Super Hot Spot in St. John All four of us agreed we hit a walk off Grand Slam having dinner at their beautiful reastaurant & After Hour Drinks at...+1-340-693-3499
Rhumb Lines
93 Reviews
WOW, a great place to finish out our spring break vacation. A fun eclectic atmosphere tucked behind a convenience store. Had we not been told about this...+1-340-776-0303
High Tide Bar & Seafood Grill
70 Reviews
A surprise find! High Tide is located within view of the ferry so I had low expectations but everything was great. Good prices, portions, and service. Our...+1-340-714-6169
The Banana Deck
31 Reviews
Stopped in for some lunch after reading the reviews. The people that work here were super nice and very helpful. The food was good. Wife liked her...+1-340-693-5055

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