The Barefoot Cowboy Lounge

St. John is one of those places that proves the old saying, "small world". Here, in the middle of paradise is a fun little Texas BBQ joint run by a Texan named Wayne. Not only is the BBQ outstanding, the location itself is great for watching the comings and goings of St. John's main community, Cruz Bay.
Guests enter the restaurant which is located in the Lumber Yard complex in Cruz Bay, via a set of tradition swinging doors and are immediately greeted by a Texas flag and a pile of Texas memorabilia.

swinging doors in The Barefoot Cowboy Lounge

The next thing that happens is you are hit in the face with the awesome smell of Oak smoke pouring out of Wayne's custom made BBQ pit.

The pit at The Barefoot Cowboy Lounge

The BBQ is authentic Texan with Brisket, Pork, Chicken, Sausage and other goodies available and all has a nice smokey taste that will remind any Texan of home. Speaking of that, the joint is definitely a favorite hangout of Texans lost in paradise as every visit to the lounge wound up in one of those "small world" moments where you realize the guy sitting next to you used to own the bar you used to hang out in Grandbury or that you work with another guy's cousin. it's a nice connection to home with a pretty killer view.

Be sure to check out the Barefoot Cowboy Lounge's outstanding and entertaining website. It is chock full of photos, videos, menus, and fun.

CowBoy Lounge sign

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